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Meet the Azuli Language Solutions Team

Azuli Language Solutions team conference interpretation event Tucson


Who is Azuli Language Solutions?

Azuli Language Solutions provides in-person and online professional translation and interpretation services for businesses of all sizes and in all languages. 

We are firmly rooted in Tucson, Arizona, and have had an established presence as the top translation and interpretation provider in Southern Arizona since 2018. 

Azuli was founded by Morgan Lange, a certified English-Spanish translator and interpreter. Morgan’s sole mission has always been to:

Connect people through language and facilitate communication for a more peaceful and understanding world. 

Here at Azuli, we know that anything can be created and accomplished with effective communication - and that’s why it’s our specialty. 

Our Language Solutions Team

Our team consists of dozens of professional linguists who specialize in specific language combinations, areas of expertise, and various translation/interpretation modalities. 

We have a core group of translators/interpreters and are tightly connected to local, national, and international networks of linguists working in nearly every language combination you can imagine. If our team can’t help you directly, we will hand-pick the best match for your project. French, Japanese, Arabic, Swahili, Kinyarwanda? We’ve got you covered. 

What Makes Azuli Different

Every translation and interpretation project is tailored to meet your unique needs with added personal touches to ensure you have a positive and seamless experience.  

As language experts, we take all the guesswork out of your project and provide you with everything you need to receive the best possible service. Document translation services can sometimes feel impersonal and transactional, with most interactions taking place via email. To combat that, Azuli focuses on a personalized experience for each client with one-on-one communication so you know the status of your project every step of the way. 

We value your business and want you to know how important you are to us. We make a point to follow up after each project is complete to assure your complete satisfaction with the final product. If any changes or updates are needed, we are happy to make them, and our work is 100% guaranteed. 

In addition, we develop a specialized glossary for each client that requests one, allowing us to use consistent terminology across all of your translation projects over time.

What Azuli Clients Say About Working with Us:

To our delight, the feedback from current and past clients has been enthusiastically positive thus far, as reflected in our online reviews and continued referrals from our existing clients to their colleagues and partner organizations.

“Azuli Language Solutions helped me with translation for my business and did so in an efficient and accurate manner. They are top quality and have fantastic service. I highly recommend them!”


Brent Nelson - Partner, Attorney, Wealth Management Expert, and Podcaster at Rimon Law


We have provided translation and interpretation services for dozens of government agencies, public and private law offices, for-profit businesses, and non-profit organizations in Arizona and around the world. A collection of their logos can be found on our website.

Included among them are: The University of Arizona, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, Hughes Federal Credit Union, and many more. Approximately one-third of our clients are non-profit organizations and we are deeply committed to supporting them with accurate and reliable language services at a fair price, ensuring they are able to serve their clients and communities without leaving anyone out.

Here’s a secret about the industry that most people don’t know…  

Unlike many other countries, certification in the translation and interpretation field is not required in the United States, except in courtrooms and some medical settings. Certification is completely voluntary and because of the requirements, time and cost, most translators and interpreters choose not to get certified. 

All of Azuli’s translators and interpreters are certified and/or have extensive professional experience in their area of expertise and modality, and we take great care to verify their credentials and background before they join our team. We stress the importance of certification because we value the quality of the work we do on your behalf. We want you to know we’ll do it right the first time. 

Have you received a bad translation from a non-certified translator?

We clean up the messy and inaccurate work of non-certified translators far too often. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you or your company. If you have a document that was previously translated by another person and have questions about its accuracy, we will review it for free (click on the Contact Us button below).

Do you need business translation or interpretation services? We would be delighted to serve you!

Contact us to get the conversation started.